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Originally Posted by tomegun
Please tell me when I will not be working with guys like this? To some degree, guys like this exist at almost all levels.
So I now am starting to get a few Varsity games. I had my 2nd one last Friday. Small Christian schools. Packed gym, granted a small gym but packed nonetheless. Partner gets there 5 minutes after scheduled tip-off. I did everything except drive the car for him to get him there.

So no pre-game. Decent enough ref, in position,making calls. We are good to go. A couple of seconds before half he has a whistle, and we have the end of period horn go off. Both coaches want to know what the call is. Partner comes over to me and says he should have held his whistle but he had a foul. I say lets line them up and shoot them. He didn't want to. He just wanted the half over. I didn't know what he expected me to do.

So I was stuck with helping bail out my partner or standing there looking stupid. I finally told him to say he had an inadvertant whistle. Meanwhile both coaches are still wanting a call. So to save time we took longer cleaning up the mess then shooting 2 free throws would have taken.

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