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Originally Posted by Bearfanmike20
I have heard the horror stories of working with that guy who is just there for the money. I just got that today.

Traveling team. Sixth grade. Game time is 430pm. 430 comes... no partner. Now, I give him the benefit of the doubt because it is a huge snow storm. 3 min into the first quarter he arrives. He wreaks of cigarettes. Now.. if you smoke fine, but I think maybe you should show up to a sixth grade game not smelling like an ashtray.

He is dressed in dress shoes.. yes.. dockers I think.

So.. he starts as lead. First call he has to make. Blows his whistle.. and calls the number and then just stands there. I go down to lead to administer FT, and he just shakes his head and goes up to trail. By the way.. did I mention he didn't report the foul till I looked at him.

Every call made till halftime. Little of no mechanics oh his part. Then halftime comes and he sais.. "on this level I dont like to call much so we can get the game over... you know.. for the kids. They just want to play."

After the game my wife (who went with me) sais before I can say anything to her.. "He was sooooooo bad."

Uhg.... what a horrible game. I was doing better by myself. I called my assignor and left him a message, but I have to do another game with this guy.
Who was it Mike?
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