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Originally Posted by Mark Padgett
We usually discuss this about once each year, but I haven't seen it on the board for a while, so I thought I'd start it.

If you could change just one rule, what would it be and why? Please state the level, also - and try and keep it to just one rule at a time.

Here's my proposed NF change:

Eliminate the ability to inbound into the back court once the ball has been advanced to the front court.

If you accept the reasoning for having a back court violation rule in the first place, then why have an exception just because, for instance, the offensive team takes a timeout? If the reason for having the back court violation rule is to not allow teams to just use the entire court all the time because it takes away the theory that teams should be required to play aggressive offense (or whatever), then why allow an exception that just eliminates that reasoning?

I think that if you're going to allow teams to inbound into the back court in that instance, then you should eliminate the division line altogether. It should either be one way or the other, but not both, since that results in a contradiction of theory.
I guess this "contradiction" doesn't seem that egregious to me, since it's there but it's expensive. THe cost of a TO seems reasonable.
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