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Originally Posted by ronny mulkey
What I'm trying to come to grips with is razzing a player, constantly booing a player or holding up signs considered fan abuse? Take out profanity or vulgarity, should a high school player be subjected to constant razzing? Picture the kind of stuff the Dukies do when they target a particular player. Would you stop this kind of behavior in a high school game?

If the student section does get the player's goat and he responds "mildly" by screaming back, laughing, pointing or shaking his head, ec., would you penalize the player? Is the player expected to ignore any comments from the stands?
Mulk, strictly my the high school varsity level, it is a part of the game, and has been as long as I've been around. At lower levels, yes, there might be a case for doing something about razzing. At high school varsity and above, players should have learned by then how to deal with it. The whole idea in the first place is for the fans to get the player's goat and maybe throw him off his game. I think that what you did in your game--telling the player to play ball and ignore the fans- is the best way to handle it. Of course, if the razzing gets into profanity, gross vulgarity, racial crap or anything like like that, you should deal with it. And dealing with it usually means going to game management and saying "We have a problem. You take care of it."
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