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Ref Ump Welsch
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I know we've talked about this over and over, about not dealing with the fans except to ask game administration to take care of anything we see as a problem or potential problem. However, I have to say that once that bottle got thrown, a T should have been assessed to the home team regardless of what the game administration did afterwards. A thrown object that caused a disruption should be assessed a T. I know in Nebraska, we would be backed by the association for assessing this T because it falls in line with the "mandate" that we T the home team if they throw toilet paper after the first basket or any similar act.

I know many of you would say there's no real justification in the rules for assessing a T for the home team in this situation, but if that bottle had been full, and the kid ended up with a head injury from it (and trust me, that CAN happen), and the officials did nothing except let the game administration take care of it, the officials may end up with some liability in some states. Some states' high courts have ruled that passing the buck increases the liability of the person who did so. Something to think about.
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