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Originally Posted by ronny mulkey
While standing at C in front of the home student section, a fan yells "hey, # 23, you are terrible". The player starts to respond but I stop him by stating to just play ball and ignore the fans. His coach sees that he is agitated and subs him out. At this point, I am not alarmed. With about 2 minutes remaining in the game, an empty plastic bottle comes out of the student section and hits #23 in the head. Of course, he confronts the student that he thinks is the hurler. He doesn't leave floor and no punches are thrown. I am trying to get him back and 2 of his teammates join the fray. Still no punches thrown and still no play leaving the floor. Order is restored quickly by security as they escort out the student section.

My questions are:

1) Should I have become more proactive when the fan yelled at #23?

2) When do comments from the stands become abusive?

3) Would you penalize a player if he responded or gestured to statements from the stands? Would you consider him to be part of the problem?

4) Would you have penalized #23 or his teamates for confronting the student section after being hit by the bottle?
1) By immediately trying to calm #23 down, you were proactive.

2) Abusive comments may relate to race, profanity, threats, etc. Saying "you're terrible" is relatively mild imo. Any player who responds to that is kinda thin-skinned. It may have been an over-reaction on his part.

3) If the response in itself included profanity, threats, racial comments, etc., I would penalize the player. Otherwise, I'd probably do exactly what you did.

4) No.

Sounds like security reacted well by unloading the whole student section. I'd make sure that I'd report this one though. You certainly don't want to see a repeat at that particular school.

Good job by you and the kid's coach in trying to calm the kid down imo, Mulk.
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