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Originally Posted by Nevadaref
Also the NFHS clarified the blood on the uniform issue this past year.

2006-07 Major Editorial Revisions
3-3-6 Clarified that a player who has any amount of of blood on his/her uniform shall be directed to leave the game until the situation is corrected.

This replaced the old language that said the amount of blood on the uniform had to be "excessive."
Nevada...Thanks. I glanced through my 06-07 rules book last night but didn't find this, though I had thought it was there. I appreciate you providing it.

And yes, Snake-Eyes, this "interpreter" is not good. There were a couple other questions where he didn't read them carefully and gave wrong answers and when someone brought this to his attention he refused to even listen. If nothing else it made me think each question through and research more's the new (and old) guys I worry about who'll just go along with whatever he says.
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