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Originally Posted by jdw3018
I don't believe the 0.3 required for a shot can be used. What I'm not certain about is if an official had a count of 2 for closely guarded and then the shot went up, obviously taking more time, could they take 2 seconds off?

I've always been under the impression that an official must know the entire duration to have definite knowledge and make any change, but I can't find a citation that the official must have definite knowledge of the entire period of time consumed...
According to a senior official running a training scrimmage this offseason, you can take off whatever time that you have definite knowledge of, even if it's only part of the interval. So if you have a throw-in in A's backcourt and A dribbles up the court, crosses midcourt, and takes a shot and the clock fails to start, you may use the backcourt count to take off fewer than 10 seconds.

I believe that 0.3 can be taken off but I've never faced that situation in a game and am not dogmatic on the point. To me, it constitutes definite knowledge by rule, but others see it differently.
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