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Originally Posted by Ron Pilo
Tie game at 51. A1 shooting a 1 and 1 with 4.1 left. B1 that fouled has 5 and scorers table is trying to get the officials attention (without the horn), the officials don't hear it and the free throw takes place. A1 misses but scorers table doesn't start the clock (as they are still trying to get the officials attention for the fifth foul). The ball is tipped to A2 who pump fakes and goes back up and scores. Then Officials realize there is a problem.

What do you do?
Unless an official has definite knowledge how much time should have come off, the score definitely counts.

If an official does know how much time should have come off, then that definite knowledge can be used to take time off the clock. It can be used to determine if the score counts or not.

Edit: replace the fouled out player and continue with B's throw-in.

Remind the table to tell the official when a player has their 4th foul. This means that a player with 3 fouls needs to be of importance to the table.
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