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Originally Posted by PIAA REF
I had a varsity game a couple of days ago and am frustrated about a certain series of events. Here is the scenerio:
A makes bucket, I am going to become the new lead. I get about 8 feet behind the half court and there is a steal by A. As I am running back to fron court there is a quick pass to a player that is directly infront of my view. The players shoots the ball quickly and there is no way I could tell where her feet were. Since the play was in transition I first look to lead for help. He signals a 2 pointer. So I leave it be. A few plays later the official that was center comes over and says that was a 3. Since this was no longer correctable we leave it be. I am a little upset at this point because we had went over in our pregame that if we have a situation that a 2 needs to be a 3 or vice-versa, blow it dead immediately and give the signal to the table. No need to discuss it. The day after the game I run into the center official. He says he has been thinking about that play. He says it was 50% his fault, 30% mine, 20% the leads. I just don't get it. How in the blue hell am I at fault for this one. His reasoning is I shouldn't have gotten straight lined. This was a transition play and it wouldn't have matter what I did I wasn't going to see the players feet. Am I wrong on this. I have just been frustrated by this situation. Any insight would be great.
You are at fault for listening to this guy. He knew it was a 3 and he waited too long to blow the whistle. Just let it go. ( if that isn't the most hypocritical thing I've ever said...)
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