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What makes you think that any coach or AD is qualified to evaluate you? Do you really think that they know the rules perfectly? Or that they know the mechanics you're supposed to be using? Do you think that they're watching you every minute out there instead of watching their own players as well as the other team? The only time a coach notices you is when you blow your whistle. At all other times, they have way too much to do than worry about what you're doing.

It's not a good idea at all imo. If you want positive feedback and a knowledgeable opinion, get it from your peers. And your peers are officials, not coaches or AD's.

What would you say if the coach or AD asked you to rate and evaluate his performance as a coach or AD? Do you honestly think that you are knowledgeable enough and qualified to do so? Do you watch them so that you know what they are doing during the game?


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