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personal communication with coaches

with the arbiter, it is easy to send emails to representatives of a school, the AD or whatever. What do you all think about sending an email to the AD requesting the opinion of a coach regarding the game you did recently. Would that compromise your position as an official. An example would be:

I was wondering if [name of coach] had any feedback for me. I have already critiqued myself and I know there were some things I should have done better but I would love to hear her perspective on areas where I can improve. She seems very professional in her approach. Anyway, she may feel uncomfortable saying anything, which is also fine. I will not take anything personal; I would not have asked if I did not want to hear the cold hard truth.

I hate not getting feedback from good coaches; their opinion is often very valuable. I have no idea whether anyone would respond to such an email. But it seems like it is worth a try. On the other hand it may be seen as self-promotion or a compromise of the distance between ref and coach.

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