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Originally Posted by Junker
I agree the college coaches know the game better and don't need an explanation. My concern is that the college trends tend to trickle down to high school and I think going table side is very valuable at the high school level.
Junker, you make it sound like we have been using this mechanic for 20 years and all of a sudden we changed back without any good reason. This mechanic was only in place like 2004 or 2003. This mechanic was not even around 5 years and NCAA Men's and NF changed the same year. The Women's side did this first.

Originally Posted by Junker
Like I said earlier, they want us to communicate so why take away a good time for us to be available to coaches. Working in Iowa, I hate the fact that our coaches are on the bench. We have new bench decorum adapatations that are going to be a mess. OK, I'm starting to rant about other stuff. Sorry.
There is a difference in communicating and talking and explaining every possible situation. They felt we were brought into conversation that was completely unnecessary. And I can tell you I probably talk a lot less now than I ever did with the table side mechanic (at the HS level as well) because I did not see a necessary reason to explain or even talk to the coach. If the coach did not know what I called after I reported, chances are they would not understand with me saying anything at that point either. You would be amazed how often coaches would leave me alone when I focused my attention on the court and not the official. You keep talking as if things are going to go in the toilet. I think that is a little dramatic and I think coaches will adjust just like they always do. And if you do not know how to take care of business if a coach is yelling across the court (especially now with the bench decorum directives at all college levels), then you are the people you work with probably are not really ready for a lot of college games. You will be fine and coaches will be fine. You do not need to hold their hand every time you call something. And if they changed the mechanic tomorrow for HS believe me there would not be Armageddon.

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