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Originally Posted by Junker
Absolutely. I only respond when asked a legitimate question by the the coach. I think that sending the calling official away will lead to more problems and antics by the coaches since they will be trying to communicate across the court.
The reason it was chanced because the purpose of the mechanic was not successful. Coaches still would have antics if you were right in front of them. And Tommy made the point that this was not very long we did it this way in the first place. Also it was clearly said by Hank Nichols that you still can give an explanation to a coach before going across. College coaches are smarter than HS coaches and understand the game much better. And college coaches were largely the reason this mechanic was changed. This should not be that big of a deal. Coaches and officials will just have to adjust. And if you have good communication skills you will tell the coach what you do not know and who to talk to. If they cannot deal with that, it is too bad. You do not explain every call anyway. And if you did maybe this was the reason the mechanic was not looked in the best of light.

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