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Originally Posted by Junker
You give the same answer I give when asked about something that wasn't my call or area. My point was that the reason we started to go table side was so that if there was a question, the right person would be there to answer. We are told over and over that we need to communicate better with coaches. Taking us away from the table hinders our ability to do so.
I agree that we can communicate better across the board, but where you are after a call does not make that automatic. And just like any call I might make, I am not explaining all of them. And I certainly was not explaining something I did not see or do not know. Even in the HS game we do not long switch so it would not be unusual that you do not go table side after a foul. And the one thing about college coaches, they are much smarter and knowledgeable than HS coaches. They would just use that time to complain. They knew damn well why a lot of things were called; they just would try to influence officials by talking to them. And with all the emphasis on the antics of the coaches, they will just have to get over it quickly.

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