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Originally Posted by SmokeEater
Hows this for interesting. I had a young man receiving a rolling ball near the end of the game. You know how they will sometimes inbound the ball along the floor and don't touch it till near half to keep the clock from starting. Anyway instead of bending over to pick up the ball he sticks his foot out and lets the ball roll up his leg into his hands, I call the violation and he stands there like a deer in headlights. Coach just put his hands on top of his head and started shaking it back and forth. No explanation necessary!
Interesting. I think I'd want an explanation if I was a coach and knew the rule. There was no intentional strike with the leg nor was there any attempt to control the ball with the leg. If I'm picturing this correctly, the kid just let the ball hit his leg and I'm not sure this was illegal.
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