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Originally Posted by Nevadaref
The #1 reason that the NCAA is reverting to the calling official going opposite is that the committee believed that the C was not involved in the game and that the L and T were simply flip-flopping on most of the foul calls.
I heard from several people that the change was made because coaches were taking advantage of having the calling official in front of them and complaining way too much. I have heard that from several people including a couple college assignors. Thus the change and also the emphasis on coaches staying in the box this year. Who did you hear that from Nevadaref?

I worked my first men's CC game of the year on Friday night. I almost went tableside twice but corrected it both times. The only time I totally went tableside was a backcourt foul when we were in bonus. Habit outweighed my concentration level on that one. It's going to be interesting to see how I do once the HS season starts and I am going back and forth between 3-person tableside and 3-person opposite regularly.
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