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Need some advice from you vets that call the younger group on a situation that happen tonight 10u rec league ball ASA.

Team A batter up pitcher throws a pitch that lands 10' or more in front of the plate, bounces a couple of times then hits the batter which has never moved a inch in the foot. I call a "ball" but do not award 1st base since batter never moved.

Then Team B batter is up, pitch comes in and hits dirt about a foot in front of her then bounces and hits batter in the shin. I award the batter 1st my thought at this age batter didnt have time to react and move out of the way

Okay you can probably see the problem coming some Dad from team A start hollering through the fence that I am cheating their team for not awarding team A 1st as I did team B. I inform the fan that I do not discuss game situation with the fans that he needed to go through his team coach. Well between innings Team A coach comes a griping about the situation which I tried to explain the coach the rule and the differences on the call. He didnt get it

Anyway my question is at this age group is it reasonable to expect a batter to move or do you just award anytime the batter is contacted with a pitched ball??


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