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Anyone know if a girl who is bald due to chemo is wearing a head scarf as a medical necessity or from vanity? I have seen older women who were bald from chemo without headscarves, and I can tell you from experience, just being bald does not require a head scarf under a baseball cap (don't ask me how I know!)

If it is a medical necessity, I would think let it go? Especially if it is small and made to cover the scalp rather than a long flowing scarf that does not have a medical purpose.

When she was 12U, my DD's team played against a team that had a girl who was bald because of chemo and wearing a head scarf under her cap. Our team chanted a lot and they started the "Hey first baseman, tie your shoe" chant and when they got to "Hey third baseman, fix your hair" it happened to be the girl with cancer playing 3rd. Our girls realized it as they were saying it and the chant sort of died off, but the other coach was sure we did it on purpose, complained to the ump, who warned us about USC. That team had it in for us the rest of the season.
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