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OK, somewhat more serious answer.

In anything below championship play, I will ignore all of the headwear violations such as these. If an issue is made of it by the opponent, I'll tell them to send for the TD / UIC, but we are continuing to play in the meantime. I may (if the coach has been a PITA) also let him know that if he want all non-playing rules called literally and by-the-book, he'd better make sure his team is squeaky clean, or be careful what you ask for.

In Championship play, I may allow the warmup pants (even if not alike in color / design, etc to the standard uniforms) if weather is a factor. If it is only modesty stemming from religious belief, not allowed unless they meet the requirements of being "like in color".

Headgear is another matter. A headband, visor, or cap may be worn, and if worn, must be worn "properly", and must be alike in color. There is no exception in headgear due to religion, attitude, cool-dude factor, or medical condition.
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