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AP throw-in (yes again) / NFHS vs NCAA

I hesitated to post this because it has been debated ad nauseam, however I posted a question in the last thread that had gotten lost in the debate.

So here I go...

By now everyone knows the rules in question:

NFHS 4-45-5 The throw-in ends when the passed ball touches, or is legally touched by another player who is either inbounds or out of bounds, except as in 7-5-7

NFHS 6-4-4 The direction of the possession arrow is reversed immediately after an alternating-possession throw-in ends. An alternating-possession throw-in ends when the throw-in ends or when the throw-in teams violates.

Which is virtually identical to:

NCAA 6-3-2 The direction of the alternating-possession arrow shall be reversed immediately after an alternating-possession throw-in ends. That throw-in shall end when a passed ball touches or is legally touched by an inbounds player or when a player, who is located on the playing court, touches and causes the ball to be out of bounds or when the throw-in team commits a throw-in violation.

I looked to 05-06 and the rule is the same.

My point here is that the NCAA has had the same rule in place for at least the last two seasons and I would think it's safe to assume that this play has a precedent on how it is to be handled in a game.

My questions are:

1) What is the current NCAA interpt?

2) Is it the same as the new NFHS interpt?

3) Is there any other cases where the rules are the same but interpreted differently?
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