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Originally Posted by FMadera
No need to interject additional (and incorrect) sanctions.
I'm not feeling well tonight so I may be a bit hypersensitive, but that sounds a little snotty.

Originally Posted by FMadera
The penalty if the coach is wrong is UD. If 8 incorrect reviews result in 8 UD's, then you impose 8 UD's (and the corresponding penalty for the UD), and nothing else.

You have penalized the delay. They are allowed to review incorrect decisions. If they are wrong, they are penalized.
The rule book identifies the penalty for the coach being wrong as the assessment of a time out, and if the coach doesn't have a time out than LOR/point; UD isn't even mentioned. UD is something else entirely.

So, in your example, 8 incorrect reviews does not result in 8 UD's and it's corresponding penalty; 8 incorrect reviews results in either the coach having to burn his remain time outs and when he no longer has a time out left, then LOR/point.

It seems unreasonable and flies int the face of common sense that the rules permit a coach to make repeated challenges of the officials'' rulings. So, when I commented on what to do with a coach who continually requests reviews and he consistently does not prevail, there is, by rule, a mechanism to deal with that type of situation:
1. An assessment of UD (in addition to LOR/point for the unsuccessful challenge). UD does not only apply to the listed violations ("Unnecessary delay includes, but is not limited to when:") or (and probably more appropriate)

2. The administration of a yellow or red card to the coach (in addition to the LOR/point for the unsuccessful challenge). 12-2-8l specifically addresses this situation and permits this penalty.

I think that 8 unsuccessful challenges goes beyond simply assessing the LOR/point; there is more to be addressed. A coach who does something like that is making a mockery of the game, and of the officials who permit it to continue.

Of course this is all just .02 from a newer official.
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