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Originally Posted by klo376
I did everything that you said except of course asses the UD (probabaly where my problems with not being taken seriously by her began). But are you calling this an option? Because as I understood it it was required and hence my mistake. I also explained the procedure to the visiting coach.
Yeah, you're right, you blew it , by rule UD would not be an optional (and usually I think in a very linear manner and I'm all about the rules), but in this case, in a freshman match, at this point in the season, and being lectured by a coach who doesn't have a comprehensive understanding of the rules, I wouldn't feel too bad about not assessing the UD if this was the first time it occurred and the offending team hadn't had other violations.

The way I understood it she was arguing that without even including the server in the discussion, saying that a substition would be necessary to have #3 come in for #12 then go to the libero, which we know is not necessary.
The coach is confusing "position" and "player"

Also after a discussion with the leagues assignor he told me he had two or three score sheets and libero tracking sheets in front of him where the visiting varsity coach had sent the libero in to serve then the girl she replaces goes to the LF position while that girls leaves. In essence that means that she got away with putting the libero in for a front row person and fliping the server and that front row person. I suspect that the home coach caught wind that she was doing something illegal (and getting away with it) with the libero and questioned anything not commonly practiced with the libero.
I don't understand what the coach is purported to have done wrong. The libero does not replace a "person" per se, she replaces any player in specified positions on the court, such as the back row; or when serving, a specific location in the serving order (as determined by when she first serves).

I on the other hand prefer to go through the whole line-up with the way that is easiest to remember usaully making the line-up into a date or phone No. I practice this up top with out a card and have caught several alignments on the serving team this way.
I'm in my third season and I am still struggling to recognize alignment errors. The phone number method sounds like it might help, I think I will try that next week. Thanks for the assist.

Thanks for the reference on this one. But lets throw some curve balls here. What do I do if she had already used both timeouts? Do I give her the UD then go right back to the game or do I give her the UD after the giving her the TO and reviewing the decision.
The coach is allowed by rule to challenge the referee's application of a rule (but not judgment). There is nothing in the rule book that requires the coach to have a time out remaining to challenge an official's application of a rule. So, if the team is out of time-outs and the coach challenges and the referee reverses, everything is made right in the book and play continues. If the referee does not reverse then a LOR/point is awarded to the opponent and play continues.

Now I'm not sure how to handle a coach who repeatedly wants to review rule application. If the referee doesn't reverse, the coach is penalized by LOR/point to the opponent; should there be an additional punishment, such as UD, a card for the continual interruption of the game? I don't know. Maybe a couple of the experienced officials will comment.
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