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I'll take a stab at this.

Originally Posted by klo376
Had a F/V Double last night. During Frosh match had visitor tryo pull the libero from LB to CB during the same dead ball. Home coach objects so I tell her I saw it and instructed V coach that to do that libero must sit out for one serve (rally). She does as I instruct, however I failed to penalize her with the unnecessary delay. Then home V coach complains saying that she must replace the same 2 players. I explain this is common practice but not necessitated by rule that she may replace any back row player. She proceeds to bring out her rule book then I show her under 10-4-1a. Frosh match end then I go to other gym where my partner was finishing the JV match to join him and both do the varsity.
I'm not sure that I completely understand what you are saying here. If during a dead ball the libero is replaced in the LB position by the player she replaced that's okay. If the libero then just slides over to the CB position and that player leaves the court, you now have a problem, which you caught. So bring back the CB, direct the libero to the bench, assess the UD penalty (if you choose to do so) and play on. The next dead ball the libero can then come in for the CB.

Was the coach trying to say that the libero is limited to only replacing two specific players?

During the Varsity match Libero replaces #3 goes to serve then when it comes time to rotate to LF libero comes out #3 goes to Substitution zone where #12 comes in. Home V coach goes nuts "she can't do that" because now #12 is really replacing the libero.
Legal replacement and substitution. #3 should make sure and enter the court in the replacement zone before reporting to the substitution zone.

#12 rotates back serves then libero comes in for #12. Coach argues that she can only come in for #3 at that position because that exchange had already been made so I read 10-4-1b to her and explain that she may only come out when the player she went in goes back in but she may go back in for anybody.
Correct procedure. The coach may be under the impression that since the libero had already served for #3 she could only serve for the remainder of the game if she replaces #3 in the RB position. I have run into this misconception also when a coach thinks that the libero must replace a particular player in the serving order, when in actuality she can replace any player to serve in a particular position in the serving order.

The frosh coach and I argue about it (she was the scorekeeper).
Don't argue, you were right.

V Coach tells the table to stop arguing with me I'm wrong and won't give in.
Yellow card.

We go back to game and I remember ex on page 59 show it to frosh coach who gets real doubtful because she was they were wrong!! I show Varsity coach who changes subject and says while your "playing" with the card on your wrist your missing girls in the net. Then I yellow card her. But I had forgotten my cards so I verbalized it to her and to the table that I forgot them and was giving her one.
Red card (because you should have already issued the yellow card). However, forgetting your cards doesn't help with building credibility with the coaches, not that they apparently are taking you very seriously anyway (that sounds mean, but it's not intended that way).

Would it be wrong to tell coaches up front that if they question my rule knowledge they welcome to bring out the book but if they do they will be carded when the rule is found and they are wrong? Flip side If I were wrong I would correct the call.
This discussion is unnecessary, the rule book covers how and under what circumstances a coach can challenge an official/rule and the penalty for doing so if the coach is wrong. See 11-3-1.
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