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I agree guys, but this applies only if the libero is already on the court & doing the double replacement (which is the original situation posed in the post). If libero comes off the bench to serve in the wrong service order position, then there is no UD.....wait for contact & signal IA.

SITUATION 7: The Team S libero has served in the current game in position No. 3 of the serve order (in replacement of starting player No. 5). Later in the same game, the libero comes from the bench to replace starting player No. 7, who has just rotated to the right back position and prepares to serve. The officials are aware that the libero cannot serve in this second position. The official (a) whistles/signals illegal alignment; (b) whistles/ signals for serve, waits for the contact of the serve by the libero and whistles/signals improper server; (c) whistles/signals delay of game. RULING: (a) and (c) Incorrect procedures; (b) correct procedure. COMMENT: There is nothing improper or illegal about the libero coming from the bench to replace a back row player. The officials should treat this situation as any other potential wrong server and wait until the contact of the serve before assessing illegal alignment/improper server. Once the penalty is assessed, the libero can remain on the court in replacement of No. 7 as a rally has occurred. (8-2-5d, 10-4-1a)

Also in situation 15 both options a & c are noted as correct - which one you go to depends on when the officials intervene.......

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