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Sorry, Toolman!

varefump, refer to the rules interpretations put out by NFHS.

Originally Posted by NFHS Rules Interpretations
SITUATION 15: The Team S libero has served in the current game in position No. 3 in the serve order (in replacement of starting player No. 5). Later in the same game, the libero is on the court in replacement of starting player No. 10. The team wins a rally and rotates to serve. Starting player No. 7 is the next legal server. Player No. 7 leaves the court, player No. 10 returns to the court, and the libero goes to the service area and prepares to serve. The officials are aware that the libero cannot serve in this second position. The officials (a) whistle/signal delay of game and indicate illegal libero replacement; (b) whistle/signal illegal alignment; (c) whistle/signal for serve followed by a whistle signal for illegal alignment/improper server. RULING: (b) Incorrect procedure; (a) and (c) correct procedures. COMMENT: The libero replacement is illegal since the libero can only avoid sitting out a rally between replacements IF the libero is the next LEGAL server. (10-4-5a) If the officials intervene prior to the beckon for serve, they can assess the delay of game penalty for illegal libero replacement as the libero did not sit out a rally between replacements. Player No. 7 would be the legal server and the libero can either remain in the game for player No. 10 on the back row, or go to the bench. If the officials do not intervene until the libero illegally contacts the serve, they would need to assess the illegal alignment/improper server penalty. Once the loss of rally/point is awarded, the libero can remain on the court in replacement of No. 7 as a rally has occurred. (10-4-5a)
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