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Even though the NF makes the point that there is still team control during an interrupted dribble and therefore the count should be in effect, I fear this is yet another example of the cop-out the NF rules committee uses whenever they feel a rule is "too complicated" for us dumb officials to understand, or is "not being enforced" so they change it.

Witness the change in the excessive swinging of elbows rule, downgrading it from a technical foul to a violation. Why? Because, according to the NF, many officials felt the penalty was so harsh, many officials declined to call it. Notice they don't say that the penalty was wrong, just that it wasn't enforced so therefore they must make it a lesser penalty so it will be called.

Hey, here's an idea - why not just make it a point of emphasis and instruct officials to call it? Oh wait - that's too logical.

Do you really think we started using the AP arrow on jumps because it was a better idea than actually jumping? Of course not. At the time, the NF said it was because so many officials were bad at tossing jump balls. So, instead of imploring us to become better, they changed the rule.

Maybe if we stop calling fouls, they'll change all hard contact to violations.

BTW - what's the new mechanic for violation of the new mercy rule? Maybe it's making a gesture like a wuss.

Just for reference - a wuss is a guy who gets out of the shower to take a leak.
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