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Originally Posted by mcrowder which point the UIC told me I was wrong.
And that would have been the point where I directed him to page 226 of the Umpire Manual.

"The umpire is not an announcer or broadcaster on the field. Let the people broadcasting the game describe the pitches as "a little inside" or "just outside", "ball deep", etc. All the umpire should say is "ball" or "strike". Describing the the pitch is a cop out for an umpire. If a player wants to know where the pitch was, they will ask, and then you can tell them."

Plural pronounds aside (they and them)...can it be any more clear than that?

If it's not, flip to the guidelines on page 224.

"Do not verbally describe a pitch or use a hand signal to indicate the location of a pitch"

I've only worked about two dozen slow pitch games in my life, but I've played in or watched more than I can count.

In this area the verbal commentary and hand signals to describe location are rampant. Yes, even the dreaded "double-fist pump"!
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