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Oh, my God....

At one point in our country's history, Labor Unions helped to right a number of unjust and inhumane conditions. They had (and continue to have) a place in our country when properly applied.

Imagine, a Labor Union representing the thousands of amateur umpires in the US and trying to bring standards and consistency to the treatment and compensation of all umpires.

How many schools drop programs because our costs become prohibitive in areas of the country that have less resources available for extracurricular activities?

Do the weaker umpires get post-season work because they have tenure rather than talent? How is that properly servicing our clients?

Do the Associations that seem to work okay pay the price for those that have problems/issues?

And, as for taxes ..... pay them for God's sake. One of the reasons that I pay so much in taxes is because so many people do not pay their share. Those who file honestly are penalized while others take advantage of the "cash" nature of our business. How can one hold oneself as an enforcer or rules and arbiter if one is not honest on one's 1040?

Let's leave Unions where they do some good. Let's not create a new mega-monster. If your Association is screwed-up, run for office -- it is far easier to fix something from inside rather than be complaining from the outside.
Rich Coyle
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