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Michael Taylor
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I would say unions for amatuers would be a terrible idea. First off we are already facing the elimination of JV sports in our area now. The raising of fees to cover dues would shut it down. Our local HS's have already agreed to raising our rates $10.00 for varsity and $15.00 for JV. That puts us at $60.00 and $50.00. Colloge is getting ready to go up next year by $35.00 per 9 innning.
We have in place a rating system and a tremendous training system.

Now for associations that don't have that then you need to either ride you BOD members or get on there yourself. How can improve if there isn't some means to learn. Assignors must have a working knowledge of their umps. Any other way is crazy. I've heard of some areas that just contract with schools on an individual basis. That makes no sense either.
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