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We have had 2 disturbing threads recently. One by Jackie concerning Descrimination and one by ex-blue where he got hosed which leads me to the point of my thread.

Like MLB - should we as amateurs form a union instead of being independent contractors and simply belonging to an association?

With the exception of assigning games and providing some training what do associations really do for us anyway?
When's the last time you jumped for joy because an association meeting was coming up.

When you get to HS varsity right up through college the coaches have a say in who does their games. They should have input, but associations shouldn't be like puppets either and simply say yes sir/mam all the time.

We already pay dues (association FEES), have to attend meetings (similar to attending union meetings), so in a way we are "like" a union but are not "protected" like we are a union.

Ok I know Richie Phillips screwed up, but unions have certain rights that we do not have. We would be treated more like employess rather than contractors.

I know the draw-back of being treated like employees - TAXES However, I think that's the only drawback and if we belong to a union, the FEES would be grossed-up so that in the end we do not lose out. In other words higher FEES to compensate for the add'l taxes we would be required to pay.

What do you think? What are the PROS / CONS of being a union vs. the way we are now?

I look forward to your input?

Pete Booth
Peter M. Booth
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