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Originally Posted by ljudge
OK, being the pack rat that I am I found this on my hard drive. It's an html page from the NFHS 2002 interpretations that I saved.

SITUATION 8: Team A comes to the line of scrimmage and is motionless for at least one second. Back, A2 legally goes in motion and stops just prior to the ball being snapped. RULING: No foul. A2 is considered to be in motion at the snap. (7-2-7)

Unfortunately the size of the document exceeds the maximum length. If anyone wants me to e-mail feel free to send me your e-mail address.
That doesn't make sense though. If that were true, according to Bob M's article that is on Grant's site that says how players moving from the huddle to the LOS is "motion" there would be no foul if the last of them who went down was not set for one second before the snap. We know that is an IS foul, so why wouldn't this be?
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