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Originally Posted by ljudge
Now for the FED version of illegal shift. ALL players must be set for one full second before anyone goes in motion. If that happens and a man goes in motion, yes, he can stop and run in place. NO foul. Now say that same guy who legally goes in motion and stops for less than one second and the ball is snapped. It's NOT a foul for illegal shift. He's considered by interpretation to still be in motion. That was published about 5 years ago.
Good. It always seemed silly with the 1-player move that you could be flagged for stopping for between 0 & 1 sec, but not flagged outside those parameters, so you had them taking steps in place to comply.

However, can I take it that motion can be judged as forward as averaged over the previous 1 sec., so that a shifting back can't legally kill forward motion just by running in place for <1 sec.?

The one difference between Fed and NCAA is if everyone gets set for a second, then someone goes in motion and subsequently stops, then another player goes in motion less than a second later you have NO foul in NCAA but DO have a foul in Fed for an illegal shift.
Doesn't NCAA still have in its definition of shift "by a movement of both feet"?

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