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Originally Posted by ljudge

Both of your situations doesn't exactly state what I'm saying. In both of your situations not all players were completely motionless for at least one full second.

My situation is that ALL players become motionless for one full second, THEN a player who goes in motion (who subsequently stops) and the ball is snapped prior to one second elapsing THAT PLAYER is considered to still be in motion; hence it's not an illegal shift. If that player had happened to be moving forward, stopped, then the ball was snapped in < than 1 second I would have illegal motion, again, because he's considered to be still in motion at the snap (which was forward) therefore illegal..

See 1st two sentences of grantsrc's 3rd paragraph. What I did mean was that everyone was set for one full second before ANYONE went in motion.
The only thing I am talking about is your statement of "guy who legally goes in motion and stops for less than one second and the ball is snapped. It's NOT a foul for illegal shift."

That is an illegal shift. Once he stops, it is a shift and he must be stopped for one second before the ball is snapped or it is an illegal shift.

I agree that if he legally went in motion and stayed in motion until the ball is snapped we have no foul. But if he stops after legally being in motion, we have a shift and if he is not set for one second before the snap, we have an IS foul.

I agree with all of Grant's statements in his third paragraph.
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