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Originally Posted by NewNCref
I never really got a chance to speak to him, and we worked on different fields, so I never worked with him or got to see him work.

I do remember a call he made once at an NSA tournament where I was observing.

BR running to first, ball hit hard back to pitcher, who dives, stops the ball, and rolls it to 1st for the out (ball beat runner by several steps). Umpire in question declares runner safe, because you cannot roll a ball to 1st base to make an out.

He got a stern "talking to" by the UIC after that game.
I'll bet you my next paycheck that was him. I honestly don't know why anyone continues to ask him to call games, as he makes stuff up as he goes. He's a thorn in our sides, and makes a mockery of our profession. He's the only umpire that I've told my boss not to put on the same field I'm on.

Further proof that I'm not making this stuff up!

I haven't decided if I should call it from the dugout or the outfield. Apparently, both have really great views!

Screw green, it ain't easy being blue!

I won't be coming here that much anymore. I might check in now and again.

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