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My First National

Well I had my first national this week. It was the 12 U . I got to meet and umpire with people from upstate NY , Las Vegas, Los Angeles and the state of Washington.. I had a good time talking and hanging out with blues from other parts of the world.

I learned alot. I got to do alot of 3 umpire mechanics. it took me about 2 games as the "rabbit" to get comfortable with that position but once I did it was cool. I felt like the quality of my calls in the 3 umpire mechanics were so much better due to being in better position. i didn't have alot of angle versus distance deals cause you're pretty much always in position. Do have to get better on my decisions around which balls to go out on.....

The Assistaint UIC for this tourney is my HS/ASA assignor and he told me on Sunday he was more than pleased with my showing this last week. So it went pretty well. i will start some seperate threads for stuff that came up so I can get feedback from you guys.......
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