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Originally Posted by njdevs00cup
Advice, like umpires, can be both good and bad! If you're judging new umpires based on you telling them something and expecting them to put it into practice the next time you see them, I disagree. Many guys have been taught incorrectly and it takes a long time to unlearn! You've got to remember, the partner this guy worked with before you could have told him ten things to work on, which he was doing.

When I started three years ago, I would ask my partner to tell me if I could improve. I realize now, not all the advice I was given was very good.
I am a "trainer" in our association, and am 100% on board and inline with all the things we want taught and expect from new umpires. Everybody knows this.

I have no problems expecting a newer umpire to work on stuff I have given them to work on and seeing it applied the next time I work with them. I don't think, after many discussion about this vary stuff, the rest of our training cadre have a problem with that either.
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