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Originally Posted by rei
A couple of weeks ago, I worked with a guy who I think really needs a lot of work. In the past, I have offered up stuff to him, and he seems to take it well. But, what I noticed is that he has not changed one single thing yet! I know that other guys have said similar things to him, and yet, all these years later he still has some glaring problems. I can only think he does not care enough to change. So, even when he asks, I don't cover most things with him, because I know I would be wasting my breath.

So, I can only say that just be careful about what you offer up. I just know from experience that if a person is making excuses for what they did "wrong" or are not open to maybe improving their "style", they probably never will be. Also, if a guy has listened to what you say and agrees, yet next time you see them they are still doing/not doing that stuff, they probably don't care enough to work on it, and possibly you have not hit on their particular motivation factor to affect that change.

I am the type that I want it all from somebody. If I was doing something wrong, I for sure want to know about it. If somebody has a problem with my "style" I want to know that too! It is surprising how much you can learn about how you are percieved from seemingly little comments from the most unlikely of people!
Advice, like umpires, can be both good and bad! If you're judging new umpires based on you telling them something and expecting them to put it into practice the next time you see them, I disagree. Many guys have been taught incorrectly and it takes a long time to unlearn! You've got to remember, the partner this guy worked with before you could have told him ten things to work on, which he was doing.

When I started three years ago, I would ask my partner to tell me if I could improve. I realize now, not all the advice I was given was very good.
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