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As a member of the same association and LL as Ace, perhaps I should chime in.

Our LL umpires (of which I am a young one) are not the type that come out in workboots and beater shirts. We look good, and have a good reputation in the state for LL umpires. There are people in every association (baseball or not) that want to be better, and strive for it, including ours.

Unfortunately, there are some in every association that don't have that strive to be great, for themselves or for the group. I have it for myself; I want to be the best I can be on the field, and always want to learn. I don't have it as much for the group as Ace does, because he obviously has alot more say that I do in matters regarding our district and other umpires. If I give a 10 year vet a suggestion, it will easily be taken as "hot shot 3rd year umpire."

So I think what you all might appear to think "well its LL so anything you get is a bonus," that isn't really what is going on here. LL umpires here are members of the HS association, by and large (or have been at one point), and some are even varsity umpires.

So perhaps a more pertinent question to the members of this board is the general one of "how do you get younger umpires better."
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