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Originally Posted by aceholleran
I am a so-called "umpire consultant" for LL in my area. I am by far the guy with most time logged in, but stepped down as UIC/assignor some years ago.

I try to counsel newer umps (without chewing them out) in hopes of fostering better officiating. I don't "evaluate" per se, but will pass my opinions along to UIC (who is an excellent official and equitable assignor) and District Administrator.

The youngers guys usually thank me for my input. Very few call or email me to "sponge" off me.

HOWEVER, the toughest (by far) pernt to get across is attire and overall appearance. It takes five minutes to shine your kicks. Plate pants look like $h!t on the bases. What's a flex belt?

Two queries:

1) Am I being too much of an old-schooler? BIM that I'm not yelling at anyone or hectoring them; I simply make suggestions.

2) What do some of you people do, in general, to improve umps' quality when it is your job/station to do so?

Personal replies welcome.


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Ace, I appreciate any experienced umpire who will take the time to talk to me about something I should do or could've done! I walked on the field the first time wearing a white undershirt and holding my indicator in my right hand.
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