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Originally Posted by lrpalmer3
I am a no nothing rookie, but here is my perspective.

A. The foul is on the defense unless he jumps vertically or has an obvious advantage.

B. No call.
A. Why? Neither player has the ball, so neither is granted any special protection or responsibility. Both players have an equal legal chance at the ball, so don't penalize the defense for not doing what he's not required to do (jump vertically.)
Besides, technically, there is no "offense" or "defense" during a throwin until a player secures control inbounds.

B. In the OP, the question was, "is there ever a call in this situation?" The answer is yes, there can be a call. If A1 jumps on top of B1, it's probably a foul. Look for illegal advantage. If they're both heading full boar for the ball and collide, it's likely a no-call. But that's not always how it goes down. Look for shoulder nudges, tripping, etc. on these plays.
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