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Originally Posted by Splute
aahhh very well explained JRut. I must be watching from a Fanboy perspective still, heavy sigh. Obviously I need more reps to see these plays thru. Your explanation covers all the angles and makes perfect sense to me. It definetly helps to have these explained by those who call or do not call them and why.

I agree with your first comment about the number of no-calls. It's ridiculous. Just because a player unwisely gets trapped doesn't mean that he deserves to get fouled without a call. Defenders are allowed to keep their position, but you never see two defenders just standing there with their arms in the air. They are constantly slapping at the ball and rarely hitting it, instead beating on the offensive player's arms.

To answer your initial question, it isn't called because coaches don't complain about it enough. Watch, though, when a coach complains about it a couple times. I guarantee that you'll see a whistle shortly after. Sad but true. I've seen it happen from the stands and on the court.

Again, I'm just a rookie so what do I know.
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