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I will echo the comments of NSABlue. I worked the A Nationals in Rock Hill, SC in 2005 and was treated very poorly by the first UIC we had at our complex. The heat index hit 119 on the first or second day and they worked us nearly to death. They scheduled 10 umpires at our 4-field complex so we were usually working three games straight without a break. For $25.00 a game it was not worth it.

When it came to picking the umpires to work the final weekend, I was not chosen. When I asked what the criteria was for continuing on, I was told that the UIC's picked those umpires who has handled controversy well that week. Since I didn't miss a call or have any controversy in the 12 games I worked, I really felt slighted.

I stopped working NSA after that and did not even rejoin this year when the B Nationals are in my back yard in Chesterfield, VA. Every umpire should experience an NSA world series once, just to see how umpires are NOT to be treated.
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