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Next game teams warming up on field during game

Something new this weekend. Seems nuts, but curious if you run into this in your area. 30 team tourney in San Antonio, local custom is for teams playing next to warm up ON THE PLAYING FIELD in the large foul areas down right field and left field foul lines. Also to warm up in deep left and right fields on the fair side of foul lines (300 feet fences.)

This is taking place while a game is in progress. I'm talking full scale warmups with soft toss batting into nets set up, equpment bags strewn about. One game the soft toss net was about 40 feet beyond first on the right field foul line where an errant throw from F5 would go. First bracket game I asked Blue what happens when all that activity interfers with the play. He said they would put the runners where they needed to be. I didn't press it further.

Murphy's law is bound to kick in with this setup.

This tourney was run by San Antonio Parks and Rec Dept.
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