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Originally Posted by Don Mueller
If all my customers were liars, cheaters, whiners and child abusers I would find another job and another industry.
I do not consider coaches customers. If you are an assignor they might be. But to an independent contractor that can pick and choose where I go and whom I work for, I do not see that same connection. When the money is not the only motivation for umpiring as it would be with "customers" in a business, I disagree with your analogy you are trying to make with umpiring and a job or business.

Not liking one aspect of a job does not mean I will quit the job. I do not like everything family members do, that does not mean I will not hang around anyone in my family because of a couple of flaws that I personally see. I might think coaches are most of those things you just described them to be, but what they complain about is not going to change my call. It just shows I identify their behavior and we move on. If they do not move on, they will not be around until the end of the game. I know I will be around until the game is over.

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