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Originally Posted by JRutledge
I do not care what sport or what level you work, coaches have agendas. Coaches are inherently bias and very few of them ever approach the rules or a position other than how it affected them personally. And baseball is the only sport where it is common place for coaches to create a conflict so that they are perceived as "sticking up for their team."
The best quote on this subject. I do have to side with some of those who feel the Baseball portion of these boards is usually in attack mode. I do not work baseball but do officiate both basketball and volleyball and have coached baseball for 10 years. I must be one of the few coaches who as a fellow official gives all due repect to the umpires working my game. If I do not understand a call I ask a question. I do not openly discuss or comment on judgement calls. It bothers me to listen to our parents complain about a call against our team to the point of going over to them and telling them to basically shut their mouths and keep their opinions to themselves. I realize from working other sports that the angle I see may not be the same as the official but 99% of the time they are both closer to the play and in position to make the call. I appreciate the work that these men and women do in all types of weather so that my team can have a fair game. Many of the people I work with in basketball and volleyball are also baseball umpires. If I have a game situation I may talk with one of them....after the game for future reference. This is similar to a coach posting to this forum. We all run into situations where a coach is ill informed about a rule. I guess this might be a cause for the feelings on this board toward coaches. I've never seen an umpire act the way many on this board seem to post on here. With few exceptions every umpire I've dealt with is always professional. I applaud those coaches who post here to learn more from the other side of the plate.

Can't we all just get along?

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