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Originally Posted by canadaump6

If you ask me, anyone who hates all coaches but continues to make a career out of umpiring their ballgames probably doesn't have much going on in their life outside of umpiring. I've got one of two options for people like TimC who don't like or respect the very same people that they are on the ball diamond to serve:

1) Get your fat *** out of umpiring.
2) Learn to respect the coaches who are paying you, and deal properly with the troublesome ones.
I will not put myself in a category of hating all coaches. I will say I respect only a handful of coaches. But to address your little points I will say this to you.

#1--I am far from fat. I am in better shape than many players I umpire.

#2--I do not know any coaches that pay me. I get paid by the conference, assignor or school. Dealing with coaches is a necessary evil.

Let us get into "Good Trouble."
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