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~tsk, tsk, tsk~

"An understanding of the game, however, also includes an ability to teach skills, deal with players, set strategy (offensive and defensive), run practices, improve a team's running game, decide when to bunt/hit and run, give signals to players, and provide an overall positive experience to anyone associated with a team. I would assume you have very little clue about these aspects of the game."

You know what they say about assuming anything.

Hmm, you've jumped off quite a high cliff here.

As an ex-college and professional player I know a little about the game. Arguably maybe more than you.

Both rats and umpires try hard to make their knowledge mutally exclusive.

I am not some untrained small diamond schmoo . . .

While I don't dare to think I have MORE of an understanding of the game I do know just as much as you, mate.

AND there are at least six to 10 umpires that post here that have an equal knowledge AND there is only one coach who posts here that knows ANYTHING about umpiring.

I will expand my ignore list once more . . .

I Like Turtles,
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