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Originally Posted by BigUmp56
In horror I watched a 14 year old starting pitcher begin to cry and grimmace in pain during the 6th inning of a slugfest. My guess is that he'd already thrown 100 pitches or more during the game. His rat for a coach asked for time and only came out as far as the foul line and began to taunt his own pitcher. The converstation went something like this.

"What's the matter, does your arm hurt?"


"Do you want to come out of the game?"


"Well it ain't happening, so suck it up and strike somebody out!"
It has never happened to me but I would call time, have a discussion with the HC about the verbal exchange I just heard, wait for him to say something personal or profane to me and then I would toss his sorry 8ss. I would then sleep very well that night.

The ejection report would be accurate, coach asked, pitcher said, coach responded, I called him over for discussion and he said something personal/profane to me so I tossed him. Yes, I baited him. Yes, I will do it again.
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