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Originally Posted by spokanelurker
Iím startled by the degree of rancor expressed toward coaches on this site. Do the most critical of you truly see yourselves as guardians of the game, and coaches as its enemies? How do you justify all the name-calling (rats, cheaters, liars, child abusers, etc.) in the same posts where you paint yourselves as victims of similar offenses?
The degree of rancor of which you speak is well-earned by the coaching community at large. In general, the majority of coaches are rats, and they do cheat and lie to achieve their objective, which only concerns winning the game. They abuse game officials constantly, but I guess you think that it's ok to do this. And umpires most assuredly are the guardians of the game. We are the only impartial participants, and are necessary to the integrity of the sport. Without us, games would be chaos and meaningless wastes of time.
Matthew 15:14, 1 Corinthians 1:23-25
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